Blending Multitexture materials

I’ve been away recently, and it seems I’ve lost all knowledge of the game engine in my absence.

How do you have a material with two textures blended together equally, without editing the texture itself? In multitexture materails, of course.



It can be pretty hard to do for things like terrain if you’re not in GLSL mode, the easiest way involves overlay meshes with a material containing an alpha map, the shrinkwrap modifier should help here.

For an even blend, just set the top texture to 50%- this should work in GLSL and multitexture modes. In GLSL you can also do funky blending modes- by setting a b/w texture in between them to stencil, you can control where and how much the bottom texture shows through (for example, you could paint roads onto terrain, while still using a reapeated road and grass texture) or you could use nodes for various procedural blending effects.

Thanks for the responses!

By set the top texture to 50%, what do you mean? I’ve tried setting the COL slider to 0.5, and it didn’t have any effect. I can do this no problem with GLSL, but I can’t seem to get it to work in multitexture without editing the alpha of the texture in GIMP.

Apparently I was mistaken about multitextures, I apologize. I do seem to remember seeing a script back in the day (before glsl) that allowed vertex “splatting”, wherein you set the weight of the texture blending with vertex colors. It was in the graphics examples for whichever version first introduced multitexture, if I remember correctly.

Yes, I think i remember seeing something like that too, now that you mention it. I’ll look around for it as soon as I get access to my computer again.

Thanks again!