Blending My Poetic Art

Blending diverse points of view…


It might be easier
To fail-with Land in Sight-
Than gain-My Blue Peninsula-
To perish-of Delight-
-Emily Dickinson, Number 405.
…there is an interdependence of diverse points of view rather than a totality of a single vision. We must get behind the enigmas, the paradoxes, the inter-relationships, the rules that govern all. -Bahiyyih Nakhjavani and Abdu’l-Baha in “Artist, Seeker and Seer”, Baha’i Studies, Vol.10, p.3.

These words of mine born from some mist
high upon that tree, are drenched in a silent spring
than noone tastes or sees. Like an Indian summer
entirely, as if a gift on judgement day,
or ressurection at last right here for me.
The sun shone on; the flowers blew;
all things were now made new.
Time went by so fast I thought:
this will not last, this dew.
My glee is quiet, obsessive;
it rolls on wheels of snow.
I feel like I’m in eider down
or in some cedar chest where
moth balls keep what’s best.
Ron Price
24 November 1995