Blending Nature - Maple Tree Update 1.3

In my continuing efforts to develop my tree products offered on Blender Market I give you my revised Maple Trees:) Lots of adjustments to the leaf shader and tree bark shader. New leaf textures all together:) I’ve also added a new feature that allows for the randomized mixing of the fall orange color with the summer green color. Kind of and early fall mix. Below are some test renders. Thanks for viewing.

and just a few more:)

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Looks great Derek! I want to have a U.S. Autumn one day. Here in Australia we only have the leaves falling off trees, that’s all. No vibrant orange colour through-out the place, just normal green. Good luck with the rest of your tree products in the future :slight_smile:

That looks so good! The orange forest has a beautiful complementary contrast with the blue sky. Pretty realistic.

Have this beatiful maple in the end of my street. Yours are fine too.

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Thanks guys for the support:)

Fall time is pretty beautiful Nathan, hopefully one day you’ll get to experience it in person:)

Great reference image Kamawi, love the colors.

Beautiful work Derek! Especially like the Maple Forest (last image)

Great job! So realistic. :slight_smile:

Thanks Shadow, I’m working to balance between realism and realistic in terms of memory usage. I could certainly do more subdivided leaves giving a more natural wave and curl to the leaves but the more geometry the longer the renders:( Same goes for the trunk and branches. I’m just trying to find a good balance you know;) Maybe some day I’ll release a few high resolution trees just for focal point type renders and then the background can be the lower resolution versions:) For now I hope you guys enjoy:)