Blending on a Netbook?

I blend on a netbook how about you? :eek:

Wondering if someone else out there uses or have used a netbook for blending.

What do you think of netbooks using blender?

I think it would be great if I had a netbook that could handle running Blender.

I used a netbook with Blender a fair bit last year. 2.49 was quite responsive for modelling and simple render tests. 2.5 worked with patience. I did have it connected to a small hd tv, mouse and numeric keypad though. Without them it would be a bit maddening past the 10 minute mark.

what about blender on a smart phone - take that :wink:

I am impressed that Blender might run well enough to model with it on a netbook
since the most times have rather weak because energy efficient chips.

Well if I knew I was spending 8 months in Holland away from my relatively powerful desktop I might have invested in something meatier than a netbook at the time of purchase… But made do with what I had and it worked out alright.

I’me gonna connect my netbook to a tv. HURTS your eye’s after a while with a small screen, but look at my avatar, good looking test render, using yafaray and blender 2.49.

The asus Eee pc does the job fairly well for a netbook.

Helps to use a program called gamebooster, frees up cpu & ram space.

I blend on my desktop, it has a huge 24" screen and a 19" screen. Nice for following online tutorials or e-books.

2.49b works ok for rather low poly work on my eee 900a.

I’ve done some small stuff in 2.49 o my eee 901, but it’s obviously not a machine designed for graphics work. For the most efficient use of blender you need a good keyboard, preferably with a numpad, a mouse, a fairly large screen, a graphics card with good opengl support and preferably a decent processor(not that important for modeling). Out of this, the netbook is lacking in all areas :stuck_out_tongue:

Does “gamebooster” really speed things up?
I never noticed a difference.

Wait until AMD fusion chips are released for netbooks and then you’ll probably see a range of devices that are capable of running Blender.

Currently the Intel Atom chips are way under powered, and are usually coupled with their atrocious excuse of a GPU.

lol yeah, I was slightly disappointed when I realized that my cousin’s smartphone supported opengl 2 but my netbook didn’t…

speeds things up a little, but not at all if you already have most service apps stopped.

I have an EeePC 1000he. I have used Blender on it a lot and it runs quite smoothly, my only gripe is that the lack of GLSL precludes the advanced preview. Render time is acceptable, if not stellar; I recently animated a full 20-second animation with ray transparency and 8x OSA in under an hour. The lack of a numpad is compensated for by a “virtual numpad” accessed through fn+key shortcuts.
Some tips for working on a netbook:

  • Use Alt+click and drag for moving the view; shift+alt+click and drag to pan.
  • You may want to switch the mouse buttons, as the small distance between the keyboard and trackpad makes it easy to accidentally move the 3d cursor.
  • Intel graphics cards have an extreme slowdown in “solid” mode. Use “textured” mode ibstead.
  • Set OSA to 5 by default. Renders complete in half the time and you will hardly notice the difference.
  • If you are running Linux: Open Blender in fullscreen mode instead of windowed mode.
  • On my machine, Blender runs faster under OSX than Linux or Windows, but occasionally crashes. Experiment.

I was wondering if a Netbook would work. I have an Acer NB with Win 7 home prem. It would be great to do some modeling on the go. Will have to give it a try. Thanks.

My main machine for the last 3 months is an Eee-901 w. 2GB RAM running Gentoo Linux, connected to an external monitor :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t work on any personal 3D projects at the moment though, so Blender usage is very light (tests, fooling around, n00b script learning). For other graphics stuff (Inkscape, GIMP, MyPaint, RAW processing) it is also adequate, again for relatively light work. All in all I really like this little machine, but man I can’t wait to get a real workstation…!

Thanks for tips 3,4 & 5 :slight_smile:

Nice try, Godfather.

Or should I say…

Asus EEE Netbook/Gamebooster salesman!!! J’accuse!!!

I’ve never gotten very far with it on my Netbook. I expect with a mouse it would work better. I also just need to get over the hurdle of the “Emulate Numberpad” UI

Can you access numpad keys via fn?