Blending on a Netbook?

yes, it’s how I emulate a numpad on my notebook.
Fn keys work like a charm.

I have Blender on my Dell Mini 10v, but I can’t say I’ve used it much at all. Not long after I bought it, the original hard drive failed, and I replaced it with a faster 7200 rpm drive. Probably the best performance increase happened when I switched from MS Windows to Xubuntu Linux. Still, it’s all but impossible to actually do work in Blender without an external mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

I second that! :wink:

really, my new shiny precioouuussss smartphone is about as powerful as a netbook, but it’s a whole other world interface-wise – which means another 5 years for a workable Blender mobile. :slight_smile:

It’d be nice though to use the accelerometer and gyroscope to move around and rotate a 3D scene.

i just tried a simple boolean
,but seems something wrong with graphic

guess net book too slow

i also so stupid n bought those usb adapter for dual monitor split
not working

i better bought more powerful stuff to run that


I use ahp netbook with 1GB memory and an Atom core, works well

2.6 runs pretty ok on my Asus eee Seashell (Atom N450, 1G ram, Ubuntu 11.04 64bit).

I suspect the 64bit Linux is the deciding factor, seems to make Blender run a lot better.

You need a mouse, and don’t consider doing complicated simulation or rendering on it. Basic modeling and low sample cycle renders work just fine.

I’ve been using my MSI U100 netbook to build and run Blender daily since 2009. I’m running Linux/Fedora for the OS. I work off grid so needed a very low power system since power is provided by solar panels and a small wind turbine. The netbook consumes about 8 watts while modelling in Blender and about 12 watts while rendering with Cycles.