blending reality and cg?

So I’ve been wondering, for quite some while now , especially when I’m tired, I use to mix up reality and cg. Eg. I draw something and imediately think : “Oh, that wasn’t good, I need to press ctr z to undo it!” only to then realize the paper I’m drawing on has no keyboard :smiley: I mean, I still know exactly what’s real and what’s not, it’s just that sometimes these thoughts are just there, you know.
An other example would be a stone I see every day I go to university… It’s just a plain stone but each time I see it I get the feeling I need to put it into a separate render layer to desaturate it in post-processing.

Now my question is, is this normal? It’s quite bothering me and I was wondering if this might be the first step towards insanity :S No kidding, I’d rather take some break once in a while than continue like this for 10 more years and then become crazy because I… dunno… maybe I’ll feel the urgent will to fill holes but can’t find the f button in my life :smiley:
So my question would be if these small symptoms have ever lead to something like that. Does anybody else have this too?

There’s a thread called ‘You know you’ve been using to much Blender when…’
And no, it’s not weird, I hope! :o

“Real life uses Level Of Detail”
-someone on this site…

oh I see, so there’s nothing to worry about then? I’m relieved :smiley: