Blending textures using material nodes

In the past I’ve heard out using material nodes to create a blurring or blend effect between two adjacent materials. I’m interested in learning how recreate that effect. What steps do you recomend I take to do so?


Anybody there? Hello?

i think this is what you want.

Thanks for the link, although I’m trying to get a gradient effect where it gradually goes from pure red to pure blue.


you only have to add a blend texture to the fac of the mix node.


Thank you, that was a big help, except I just need to find out a way to reverse the Y cords.


just add an invert node to the texture output :wink: (if i understood you correct that should work)

Two ways.

1). Use an image texture or procedural and plug it into the fac. input of the mix node.
2). Use vertex colors and use the various layers to mix your materials.
Both of these work well because your whole object can just have 1 material channel.

To invert the blend texture just turn on the colorband and reverse the coloring that way.

Thanks. By the way, how did you get one one texture to blend into another as you did in this?