Blending two Animations?

This might be super super basic, I don’t know, but I have searched for Help and Tutorials and can’t find anything. So, I have a Character with a Run-Animation, and I have a second Animation where the Character is scuffling bent over (for tiredly walking through a Desert). I need to render all Frames for both Animations separately to use them for my 2D-Game in another Engine, but I also want to have one or two intermediate States where the Character’s Animation is basically 50% Running and 50% Shuffling, so I can render that intermediate Animation separately to implement several States in my Game. I know how to blend two Animations with Logic Bricks for the Blender Game Engine, and that is super easy, but I cannot find that for Blender’s Animation Tools. I have seen the “Blending”-Settings in the NLA-Editor, but when I change those from “Replace” to “Multiply” or “Add”, I only get the current Animation either played as if it was 50% on Top of another Animation at 0% (Add), or even outright 0% (Multiply), so if these Settings should work, then I am obviously doing something wrong. Please, anyone help me.

Thats basically what that NLA editor function is for. Which of the “blending” settings did you use? (it has two very similar settings for different purposes, I confused those alot)

The upper one is for the currently active action (displayed as the top most layer in the NLA editor).
The one below is for the currently selected strip in the NLA editor. (highlighted yellow) This is the one I would use, but they basically have the same effect in different situations.

If your problem is more complicated than this (which I kinda suspect) maybe you wanna upload a .blend file, so I can see :slight_smile:

I just saw one more thing. You can use this influence setting to set the influence for strips manually. Its all the way down in the same menu, but only visible if you have a strip selected.

So, you can use “Replace” instead of “Add” and set the influence to 0.5. Maybe that gives you better results.

Thank you, though that is the very Problem: I have seen these Buttons/Options, and tried different Scenarios with them, but whatever I have done so far, I only see one Action at a Time, never a Blend of both. Since you have asked, I will give you a Link to this .blend-File – it would be great if you could find and point out what I have been doing wrong, and how I would do it right, thank you. Sorry for the 9 mb.

EDIT: The two Animations I want to blend together are “Run_A” and “Run_DesertLame01”.

OK, I think I got it to work :slight_smile: I saw two mayor problems:

  1. You had one track marked with the little orange star at the side

    This means, all the other tracks will be ignored.

  2. The hierarchy of strips goes from top to bottom, so the one with 0.5 influence has to be on top.

Also, make sure that the current action is empty, as it will overwrite all the stuff below otherwise.

This setup worked for me:

erlene27_DesertRunB_2.blend (9.02 MB)

Thank you very, very much, that was indeed all I needed to know! Little Star and Clip-Order, mostly the little Star. Now I can get into a good Workflow again, thank you. In Case you wanna know what exactly you have helped me with, it is for a Scene in my Point-&-Click Adventure-Game where the Protagonist wanders through a Desert with a super-nostalgic “Mode-7” Floor caught in a temporal Anomaly of everlasting Daylight under Stars and Clouds flashing away as if in Timeplapse, and the Protagonist changes into evermore tired States, gradually slowing down in a shuffling Manner, until she dies from Thirst, Heat and a Lack of fresh Air. (The Mountains/Horizon in this Screenshot are unfinished Placeholders.) You have brought me a Lot closer to that Goal, so thank you very much! : )