Blending two faces together

Works great for having two textures on the same surface… but how to I get two faces to blend their textures together?

I’m working with a 3d scene and want to have the underwater part blend with the grass part.

Is it a still or an animation?

If single image, I reccommend you blend them after rendering in gimp or photoshop.

If it’s an animaton- hmmm… you might want to try adding a blend texture using the colourbands so that only the bottom fragment of the grass is affected, then map that to alpha so the seabed can show through the grass at the bottom. Just a thought!

that would require either UV mapping or some fancy stencil work.

You can do it using Material Nodes. If you don’t know how to use nodes then;

On this page:
in the Texture Plugins is a plugin called t_terrain that does altitude and slope based textures. If you use two plugin textures set to overlap at their altitude junction you could get it to work on a single material.