Blending two materials in Cycles - Nodes

Blender 2.75


I’m trying to blend two materials in Cycles in the Node Editor…

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong because it’s producing results that I’m not expecting it to do…

(1) Here is my Node Setup…

The way it is RIGHT NOW, it produces this result…

(2) I CAN plug in the texture above “Ground05.jpg” and plug that into “Color1” for the “MixRGB” Node. This will blend the two images correctly.

But using my concrete texture which has NORM, SPEC and DISP textures mixed together is causing an issue.

I’m 99.99% sure it’s because the MixRGB node can’t handle the “Mix Shader” node as is.

(3) Anyone know how I’m suppose to properly do this?

You have a green shader output connected to a color input, Cycles doesn’t work like that.

Green outputs are only compatible with green inputs, instead, feed the color data of the image textures directly into the mix node and do the same with the bumpmaps using another mix node (before feeding it into the bump node).

Shader nodes are green, color nodes are yellow, so they (Almost) always go green to green, yellow to yellow. Make these changes and you’re just about there.