Blending Ubuntu..........

:eek: i had a dream last night (don’t worry its a virtual one) :smiley:
in the dream, i download the latest ubuntu version (not an UE) and installed it and then i noticed blender’s beautiful icon right there, under the Graphics sub menu. which means blender was pre-installed on the ubuntu !!!

My point is that:
Don’t you think that blender will be more popular, if some thing like this happen?:yes:

And people complain about buying pcs which come preloaded with bloatware.
I’d guess that the majority of people getting Ubuntu don’t need or want to have a 3d application preloaded which they’ll never use. Why not preload as much software as possible by default so every software writer has got an equal crack of having more people use their programs

Linux is interactive that way. If you really want Blender to be distributed that way, become part of the Ubuntu Studio community and show them why it is worth including.
Personally, I’ve used bloated linux distros, and I’m content with it in repositories. But I agree it would give Blender a lot of exposure.