Blending with Dinosaurs test - UPDATED 3

Please, tell me what you think about it. Thanks!

DivX 5.0, 1.202 kb.

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Excellent :slight_smile:


wow env, as always I am in awe of your work… However, th stpe she is taking are too short, not flowing enough… he neds to pu t more weight down with each step, and slightly longer strides, like he is in a controlled Lope. Have a look at Jurassic park, they got it perfect.

The wrinkles i nthe skin are amazing. Displacment?

Excellent work Env :o , seeing this standard of animation from Blender really makes me want to get stuck in to my own project.

It’s the details like the movment of the lose skin parts, moving as I would expect them to, how on earth do you get that?

Great work I really can’t wait to see more. :smiley:


wow great textures. Maybe you could make his muscles some more flabby, that you can see them go up and down every step

great work env! I think all crits are allready posted so I’ll end this post right…here <----


i just did your planet tutorial (not so successfull though) and am very amazed by your skills.
This animation is sooo impressive already. But i’d agree to nayman, the steps are a bit too short and the dinosaur walks like he’s quite light. Personally i’d tackle the steps again but wouldn’t change the walk cycle, since I’d like the thought that dinosaurs may have been more agile than it is thought today.

<Edit 1>Ahh one more thing: the dinosaur bends a bit much forward imho, i would say the head and the neck would be the heaviest parts and therefore the dinosaur would fall forward. Maybe you could make him more ‘upstanding’ or make the feet longer so that they could easilier compensate for the positioning of the central mass. But this is of course just what I would do</Edit 1>

Good Work!


dunno if it was mentioned higher, too tired to check, but the anterior paws need some animation along the steps too. Otherwise it’s perfect!

Thanks all for comments and suggestions! :smiley:
Nayman: you are right, but I’m going carefully about this because I don’t want a JP look (too much exagerated, IMHO), I’m looking for a more natural look as the one of Walking with Dinosaurs. But more weight is right.
The wrinkles on the ankles are modelled, not displacement (too rendering time consuming), the others are the textures.
kencanvey: the skin movements are obtained simply by parenting groups of vertices to bones.
Cyanid: muscle more flabby, ok, I’ll try it.
SirVer: more upstanding the pose… mmm. I don’t know. Dinosaurs used the weight of the tail and its movement to balance the head. It could assume a more upstanding position as it stop walking.
Goeland86: yes, still to add animation to the forelimbs.

An update coming soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t believe the quality of work people are creating. This stuff is great Env. I love the way the skin stretches when the legs move. Nice work man.

i love the way it’s toes move when dino takes a step. can’t say is that accurate or not, but I like it. :slight_smile:

It looks great but I think the foot should deform a bit more when it connects with the ground.

the best thing i noticed was the skin realism…great job


DivX 5.0 - 1.422 kb.

Thanks all for the critics and the suggestions, I tried to follow all of your indications. :smiley:
Anyway, still some texture to be fixed and some more flesh wobble to add.

P.S.: due to the high compression, the video is a little poor quality…


Fantastic animation env.

In the first shot, it looks to be very mechanical and not flowing. Seems to be very static. But when you show the second shot of the dinosaur walking towards the camera, it looks very fluid and the weighting looks fantastic. A real sense of weight in the dinosaur. Very weird why it would look different, but it does to me.

The great thing I really like is the skin folds a long the top of the leg where it connects to the lower abdomen. When it walsk, the skin folding into itself just adds so much to the realism.


The detail in this animation is really fantastic, the eye movement, the skin flow, just amazing, I hope you feel very proude of this work, I can’t wait to see more :o :o .


fantastic model!! and texturing!!! and rigging!!! and animation!!!

only crit I can think of is that the center of gravity seems to be directly between the two feet.
after the inital steps the center of gravity should be above the forward foot.

it seems almost like there is no momentum in the stride.
like it’s taking mutiple individual steps, rather than walking

does any of that make sense?

just my two sense.

I agree^.

I wish I could do this! It’s amazingly realistic. How much time have you put into this?

What is this for? An upcoming project? A movie?! You must make one!


I think the reason the first shot looks static is the dinasours spine doesn’t move much (up and down, but no flexibility) just the tail and neck. This hurts fluidity and weight.
In the second shot, more head on we don’t see the back curve so much, so its better. Great work, BTW

wow! that is amazing how you got the skin to slide along the bones! and all the wobbly fat is good too! great work