blendinglife 2 - soma

Hi there,
here is my entry for the blendinglife 2 contest.
I very much hope that you like what I came up with so far.:slight_smile:
Textures were painted using different colorvalues comined with a clouds-texture.


I like the overall skin texture. The eyes also quite neat. All the best for the contest!

Mouth area looks too square, is the mouth too small?
Eyes needs details, upper and lower eyelids in particular.

I really like the skin texture. I might want to ask a few questions when I get to setting up my shaders.
I hope you dont think its rude but I played a bit around with the proportions of your mans face in Photoshop liquify. The eyes and the ears seemed very hight to me. On the right is an average head proportion diagram.
What do you think?

I agree with Triskelion; it appears that the man really doesn’t have much of a jaw/cheeks. I’d also like to see this with more hair/props but this, otherwise, is a fantastic start!

@ all : Thank you very much for your replies!

@ Triskelion: Your overpaint is extremly helpfull ! I will try fixing these areas and of course don´t
hesitate asking anything about the shader (it is based on the blenderartmag issue 16
so basically on maqs shader) - there are just some basic rules you have to think of when
setting up the various base materials like assigning bumpmaps to all of them and finding
correct tranluscency values etc… .
But if there is anything i can help with i´d be glad to assist you!

@yoff: I will try adding detail to the eyes by both ading detail to the mesh so as to the textures

@celestialberry: I´ll try fixing the proportions and after having redone the texturework i´ll try doing some
hair particle work :slight_smile:

I’m checking out the blender art magazine article now, thanks.

I´ve done some changes to the mesh. Once again thanks alot for your help -
I hope you like it.


Your Man is looking great! Thats a big change. I think the ears are still a little high. Are you going to add some hair or other props? I look forward to your next update.

Thanks a lot for your encouraging words!

  • I have done some changes to the scene.


I see youve worked on reducing the size of the jaw … it looks much better now …

and i feel that the curve of the ear doesnt look very natural … work on it and add more detail … it’ll come out nice …

Your latest render was very good!

I don’t know if you are going for realistic. But you need to change two things. First the distance between the eyes should be one eye. And the eyes should be vertically located in the middle of the head. They are too high up right now. One eye distance between the eyes.

You are clearly improving yourself.
You might check the position and the shape of the ears again.
What mm is your camera lens now? Default camera setting is not so good for portraits; you might try lens>90 and putting the camera positioned far away from the head.

orthagraphical is good but you can do the same effect with a normal perspective camera