Blendinglife - Woman (Finished)

Yeah yeah… I know i said i’d quit… obviously i cant quite… World comes to end anyway did i quit or not, so better just to enjoy the moment. Here is my wip. Looks like shit, but comment anyway… .Working on everything really.

Hey Eradicor,

Really nice job so far… I do think that the hair and skin should be re-worked though. You might want to Give the textures more “Blend” Right now it looks like you made a skin texture and applied the birth marks/red Cheek highlighter… (Dont know what its called) and the eyeliner as a topical layer, done in photoshop. What I am getting at, is the skin looks as if you collaged real skin textures into the image and the highlighters look like they where done internally with some opacity and blur applied. Why not find real-life eyeliner images and apply them to the image? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t help you on the hair… and I am not sure if the above speech helped at all. But Good luck!


Does anyone have any tips regarding the specularity of face… I mean sure i know parts that are speculari… ve?.. but is there any … map that is based on actuall examination of face (not just by hand, but by more scientific aproach)… Because as all you can see my specmap looks like hell.

Ton of repairs done. Nothing too visual, but small details here and there. (Most notably the aliasing bug fixed)

Tiny upgrade around eyes, and now showing more of the body (had forgot i had it earlier)

Added creases and additional skinndirt.

Sorry, I can’t see any images, except the one in the first post.

Sorry forgot to mention… That is always the latest. And i just updated it. Loads of new nodeworks, new textures, new … ah… nevermind… all LOT…

The first image on this page is the newest

Image updated. Added more torso…

Last update for tonight. Changes in clothes mostly.

Update. New necklace chain, retouching here and there.

All sorts of update. (clothes, jewel, eyes, nodeworks)

Not entirely sure, but i think the mouth is a bit too wide. Also, the shading around the eyes and lips is a bit too strong for my taste. Otherwise, great work (better than what I could do;))

I like the lighting, composition, and the mood in general. The only part that looks a bit odd is the start of the hair… dunno. i think it’s too “linear”. Also, the head seems to me a little stretched in a vertical axis, i mean, it needs to be a little higher. The eyes looks great. Maybe Jorzi is right about the mouth.

Great job Eradicor!


I once read about this “model” trick. Where they found out (by lookign beatiful) people … or any image of people, they said that human must be streched by 1/6 (might remember wrong) in height so that it looks natural. 1:1 scaled human (non-modified) looks flat and unnatural… Which is kinda intresting… Perhaps its this effect in my picture that makes it look wrong. I mean the model itself is made from reference pictures and the mesh matches the original images very very closely. (those images had not been streched)… maybe i test streching it by power of n’th …

Okay… made some major changes. Like decided to try new POV and umm… new SSS settings… and… skin specs, nors changed… all sorts of stuff…

Comments are muchos apreciated.

THe eye pupil is too big, make it smaller and yeah fix the eye. It’s the eye that makes it look goofy…she looks cross eyed too…need better hair too…

The eye seems to be of strange thing… It is Mathematicly looking exactly where it is supposed, but still it always looks like its looking cross eyed… How is this possible?

Picture above has been updated… Small geometry changes around the mouth. Rerouted later parts of the nodeworks to allow more control and balance to … uh… things… Eye-Line defraktor rebuilt, not much better though…

Wow! She looks nice. There’s just something in her eyebrows, hairline and ear lobe that tells me she’s not real.