BlendIRC - BGE IRC Client

Hi all!

Been working lately on an IRC Client, within the BGE! I plan on turning this into a full IRC Client, and may even have 3D chat in the future. Coded with python and sockets(Twisted library not used)

Here is a small video of it:

The graphics are just to test the coding and will be better later, please don’t critique on that, but if you have ideas, feel free to share them. :smiley:

Enjoy, and when its done, the program will be released to public.

That’s pretty sweet!

That’s pretty sweet. i made a chat client for me and killers old networked game fantasy battlefields, it could even handle links which i saw some guy paste in your client. Itd be cool if you added 3d avatars that were animated so when you typed /me laugh your avatar would laugh haha

loopduplicate: thanks!

ice.Man: ah, yes, I haven’t done links yet…or line splitting(when it goes off the end), or multiple channels, or changing nickname, or …well lots of things

Nice one man, that cool.
My project is similar to yours too.
As for the things you have said about the 3D chat, how are you going to go about it? are you going to make your own IRC Server?

no, I use existing IRC servers(one’s from Freenode. They already have a tons of servers that people can connect to(example or somthing))

but for things like how are you going to handle where people are, in the 3D chat room thing.

I have a few ideas on that, don’t worry :wink:

I was thinking maybe it could detect if someone else is using BlendIRC, and if it does then they could message back and forth(without the user seeing it) and tell location of the 3d avatar.

nice stuff !! , where did you learn that , how can users guarantee it’s safe ? :slight_smile:

how do you know you could outsmart that user from seeing it :eyebrowlift:

3DGURU: why wouldn’t it be safe? its no safer than any other irc client out there…I’m pretty sure nothing can happen(unless something happens to one of Freenode’s server, but your safe with this)

retro world: well in my client code, if I get a message saying “BlendIRC: location = [[11,3,-1],[-5,12,5],[8,15,9]]” then it won’t display it on the screen(it’ll detect the “BlendIRC”

3DGURU: why wouldn’t it be safe? its no safer than any other irc client out there…I’m pretty sure nothing can happen(unless something happens to one of Freenode’s server, but your safe with this)

i mean that the program steals the usernames and passwords , it’s not me who think so , but people might think like this …

3DGURU: the program doesn’t steal passwords, of course not. The code is open sourced so once its released, anybody can look threw the code and see if it does something like that, but I can garuntee it doesn’t share passwords with anyone

He’s saying how would users know it’s safe. I can create a program right now that could store credit card numbers on a safe password protected area on your computer. But the second someone hits the save button the credit card info gets emailed to me and poof I just stole a credit card number.

The only way to get people to trust you is to get as many downloads as possible. And advertising helps, spend a little bit of cash paying for ads to win people over. The more users the more trust :slight_smile:

lol, stealing credit card numbers. I think it is pretty good, just make it more detailed (the background is a solid color, add a texture)


-[Killer]- Yes, I understand what you mean. I will try doing that, but I don’t think I will spend any money on it(perhaps, if it turns out well I’ll do some advertising) You could check at our router to see if any messages get sent to a server somewhere other than <somthing>…also you could look thru the code and see if there’s any mischief in it.

shingwantin: yeah I know…the graphics are just test…

All I’m stating is the average user isn’t going to go check the messages sent to the server or look through the code :stuck_out_tongue:

i really need to start learning python and if anyone here can reference me any good resource i really apreciate it !

ShortkeyFmeout2: Looking at simple python script and figuring out how they work is a great way to learn the python basics.

Hi Mokazon,
thanks for the advice dude and im studying some “samples” that they were actually provided by this forum s users ,more specificly ppls .blend files which are not locked in edit mode then i can see the codes so im trying to figure em out but some stuff u really need some reference such as how does each actuators work and controlles etc etc…the thing is that the pages i visited u have to go through hundreds of pages …the perfect way to learn would be like a .doc file so u could look at them not needing the internet …coz i cant stay 100% of my time online,if u know what i mean…
anyways ill keep lookin at the codes and see what i can do out of em…
Kind regards,