blenditall's fire test

I was taking a look at Ben Dansie’s work here and felt like giving it a try myself. I used a similar shape of mesh, but that’s basically it. I’m trying to see how simple the setup can get while maintaining a good effect. This uses only one mesh and renders quite quickly.
I do think it will need a bit of tweaking, though, to make the flames more thick and consistent near the bottom.


Looks like a good torch flame.

Cool, looks real. With some smoke composited it would be perfect!

Thanks for the comments. roofoo, I’m actually working on some smoke at the moment. It’s quite good as it is – but not for this type of fire. The wispiness is challenging. I’ll post it when it’s done.

Looking good, maybe needs some variable distortion as the flames lick higher from the base? Nice oily look tho.