Blendix : any suggestions?


My friend (Erle Pereira) and me are working on the development of a Blender focused GNU/Linux distribution which we call “Blendix”.

The approach we have used is to make the system itself as light-weight as possible, to consume not more than 64MB of system memory so that Blender can use the rest quite effortlessly.

The defining feature isn’t the lightness of the distribution, but the inclusion of user transparent and simple clustering support built into the system, one which would allow even non-technical users to setup a cluster in less than 30 minutes.

Given this, we have very little experience with Blender itself (I have just started learning Blender), and would solicit comments on;

  1. what would be the expectations of the distribution over and above that mentioned before?
  2. would a single user system be acceptable, or would a username + password authentication be mandatory?
  3. would fancy look and feel be necessary, or a bare-bones, boot-up into Blender system be good to go?

Looking forward to your opinions and suggestions.

Desktop computer does not benefit of clustering when making art with Blender. And does the renderfarm either? Usually there is some farming manager and the nodes get the data and commands from it.

Many using Blender use also other graphics software, eg. Krita. So that distro should have many of those in the repository. And many productions use specific version of softwares, not just the current stable, or future testing.

Don’t know if distro for Blender workstation is that interesting, but for rendering node it could be. Just something without desktop, the usual ssh and others installed, with simple system to make it available to network rendering.