Blendlet2 release

This one has more improvements, different layout and some cool examples with the uvscroll plug-in as well with partical effects. This one is a little more tricky.

Knife is now texture and includes as second knife as well, wizerd is added so now you have the choice of using three types of magic. “Light, Fire and Wind”

So there’s 3 players, Theif, Wizerd and Warrior.

Same rules as the first one, had anyone did anything with the previous one ?

Some things that are needed is a hand model with textures, Elf charater with different type of arrows and bows, Shadow demon, Orge, Trolls, better AI

The controls are the arrow keys and “ctrl left, shift, alt, z, x, ctrl right”


link is dead can you post it somewhere else like megaupload or rapidshare.


Copy the link, open a new browser, paste it in and hit enter, yahoo doesn’t allow download through direct link.

Pretty image are added and added a extra download location.