BlendMaster's Contest: Gaming Nostalgia [Enter Now]

(Blend Master) #1

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my monthly contests. I plan on hosting these contests every month so that all of you can be challenged to improve your skills as well as your artwork in a fun and creative way. Each month, the contest will have a different topic/theme that is selected by the champion of the previous contest. This month’s topic will be Gaming Nostalgia . The idea is to create an original render of a beloved game from your past which produces a sense of nostalgia. Feel free to take this in whatever creative direction you feel will fit. I wish you the best of luck!

Please share this contest with everyone so that we can hopefully grow the size of these contests. Specific rules and guidelines for the contest can be found on my website here:

Only one submission is allowed per participant. After you submit your image here with your name, within the next 24 hours, I will upload it to the contest page. All submissions are due prior to May 29th, 2019. The winner will be announced June 1st, 2019.

The winner of this contest, if they would like, can have a time-lapse video, breakdown video, or step-by-step process of the creation of the final image featured on my website until the end of the next contest. Hopefully, as these contests grow more popular, I will be able to provide a better reward. So happy blending everyone, and please share this with everyone you can so that we can get as many participants as possible.

(The HK) #2

Are only images allowed, or can my submission be a video?

(Blend Master) #3

Video submissions are allowed.

(pepeyoda46) #4

Hey Blender_Master1!

Thanks for creating those contest, it’s the first time I notice your contest. I try to take the time to do something and I will submit an entry!
I have already ideas :smile:

I hope too it can get bigger and bigger!

(Blend Master) #5


I can’t wait to see what you come up with :grin:

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(The HK) #6

My attempt. I had a lot of ideas but went with this, gotta say its a fun topic tho.

(pepeyoda46) #7

Captain Meno
Pure - Only Blender - Cycles 1000 passes

Finally I’m done with my entry and enough happy with it. The Captain Meno is a character from a game I used to play a lot, which is Dofus. You can find the original concept there: (

It was great to do. Maybe my bigger project. I used a lot of new things, including Substance Painter and little of compositing!

I hope there will be many participants proposing entries!

(Karl Beiler) #8

Rendering now! :stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch:

(Karl Beiler) #9

Fore some reason I think this is what Super Mario would look like had it been on Genesis :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Karl Beiler) #10

I spent many hours fighting vertigo while rocketing through the dizzying maze of mines and shooting up my friends and hoards of bots in the first ever six degrees of freedom games known as Descent I, II, and III. Each level would be cleared when the player damages the reactor enough to start the self destruct sequence and finds the escape tunnel before the mine blew. That escape is what I tried to depict here.

Check out the original Descent II sequence here.

My .blend file can be found here.

(pepeyoda46) #11

I remember playing this game too :’) Sooooo long ago!! Ahahah it feels good to remember things like this thank you

Anyway great render =D

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(Karl Beiler) #12

I so seldem run into anyone who has even heard of Descent, let alone played it! The feels. I’m glad you like it!

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newer than games here but i loved wii :slight_smile: