BlendMaster's Contest: The Default Cube [CLOSED]

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my NEW monthly contests. I plan on hosting these contests once a month so that all of you can be challenged to improve your skills as well as your artwork in a fun and creative way. Each month, the contest will have a different topic/theme that is selected by the champion of the previous contest. This month’s topic will be the default cube. We all are guilty of opening Blender simply to delete the default cube immediately. That is why, for this contest, you must make the default cube the star of your scene. Apply modifiers, simulations, textures, materials, etc. The only thing you cannot do is enter edit mode to alter the shape of the mesh.

Please share this contest with everyone so that we can hopefully grow the size of these contests. Specific rules and guidelines for the contest can be found on my website here:

This forum is strictly for your final submission. Only one submission is allowed per participant. After you submit your image here with your name, within the next 24 hours, I will upload it to the contest page. That is where people can make comments about the contest as well as the submissions. All submissions are due prior to July 27th, 2018. The winner will be announced 3 days later, July 30th, 2018.

The winner of this contest, if they would like, can have a time-lapse video, breakdown video, or step-by-step process of the creation of the final image featured on my website until the end of the next contest. Hopefully, as these contests grow more popular, I will be able to provide a better award. So happy blending everyone, and please share this with everyone you can so that we can get as many participants as possible.


Hello! This is my post for this contest. Well, I made it just one day. Just play around a little with cubes. At least to share what I’ve done. Thank you! Any comments and suggestion for improvement are welcome!

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Hi! I made a neat short animation from the default cube, tons tons of modifiers and simulations.
It was a cool challange to use the original cube :smiley:
Blend: defaultcubeanim.blend (107.1 KB)
Note: you would expect cache data for simulations but the file would be half a gigabyte with them so you’ll have to bake it yourself if you want to see frame to frame process

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, that’s a really cool simulation :slight_smile:

Here’s my RubiCubism Blend! Everything here is made up of CUBES (mostly). The focus for the contest is, of course, the Rubik’s Cube.
Here’s my Blend File also.

Rubik_one_Cube1.blend (8.7 MB)


Invasive Species

Some crazy arrays + dust particles + animation nodes =

Invasive Species.blend

Getting faces from the AN geometry was a great learning experience:

God bless and have a great day everyone!


Super guilty with the default cube. My start up doesn’t even include the cube anymore.

This was a fun challenge. Hard surface modeling using only built-in modifiers and no edit mode.

Boolean modifier to cut angles into the cube.
Subdivision surface modifier to round cube into sphere
Bevel modifier for edge rounding
Array modifier for the rails

On the bottom are some of the simple shapes I used to construct the gun. About a 2 hour build so nothing fancy.

Cycles, 2048 samples, HDRI lighting


Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed the competition. :joy:

Hi, how about dynatop or multires sculpting? :thinking:

I’m sorry but no dynatop or multires sculpting because that is another way of manually editing the shape.

Ah, thank you for confirming :slight_smile:

Here is my creation. It’s a pretty simple use of modifiers :

The moon controls the displacement of the planet. You can check it out in the blend : default cube.blend (732.1 KB)

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hahah I remember doing a weekend challenge theme to give that cube some love :slight_smile:


Yeah I remember that one very well. Those poor little cubes sitting in the cramped pen just waiting for someone to use them.


Hi BlendMaster

My first contest entry ever and I had a great fun doing this. Had a go at some modifiers and materials using the Default Cube only. BlendMaster, Thanks for all the cool tutorials btw.
Software used: Blender; JSplacement (displacement)
Rendered 2000 x 2000 with Cycles @ 500 samples + Denoiser; Time: approx. 1hr 25min

C&C’s welcome

BlendMaster_DefaultCube_Final_July-2018.blend (772.3 KB)


I’m glad you enjoyed your first contest!

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Ack! I forgot this isn’t like the weekend challenge LOL Didn’t think about my post being entered. Sorry about that. If you want to keep it there that’s fine. Just feel like it was cheating since I had already modeled that for the weekend challenge a while back. Was more for a response to beau11 . But again if you want to keep it there it is fine with me. I will keep my other work as a work in progress and put more time into it. :slight_smile:

If you’re working on another piece, I will just take it down and you can submit the new render once you complete it. Sorry about the confusion. :slight_smile:

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