BlendMaster's Fantasy Contest [Voting Closed]

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  • ZetaSQ_1996
  • The_HK
  • Karib

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(The HK) #2

Hey there doesnt seem to be a link from your* site to here.

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(Blend Master) #3

Thank you so much, I just fixed it :wink:

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(Karl Beiler) #4

That’s an interesting spelling of my username. :rofl: LOL

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(Blend Master) #5

OMG, I’m so sorry, i’m literally blind :joy:

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(The HK) #6

I spelt it that way in my head as well for some reason.

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(Karl Beiler) #7

I was thinking wait, did type it wrong back when I set it all up!? I’m hearing it like Kareem, but ending in B.

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