BlendMaster's Nature Contest [Closed]

Hey Everyone! Welcome the 2nd BlendMaster contest. I would like to make these contests monthly, but the only way I can do so is by gathering a large group of people to participate. So please share this contest with your friends and family. The rules and guidelines for the contest are posted on my new website here:

This forum is strictly for your final submission. Only one submission is allowed per participant. After you submit your image here with your name, within the next 24 hours, I will upload it to the contest page. That is where people can make comments about the contest as well as the submissions. All submissions are due prior to September 30th, 2016. The winner will be announced 3 days later, October 3rd, 2016.

As of now, there is no monetary reward. You will only have the satisfaction of improving your skills. Hopefully as this grows though, I might be able to add some better rewards. If you win, and you create a time-lapse video of you making your image, it will be featured on my website until the end of the following contest. So happy blending everyone, and please share this with everyone you can so that we can get as many participants as possible.

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ecco la mia immagine per il contest

The past days I was trying to make realistic nature, so here is the result.
All made in blender
Photos for textures and so on where all taken by myself
No grass essentials or something like this was used
(Ok the place of power is just for the attention, not really natural though xD)

Hi. This is my first time trying out blender, so I am quite sure the image wouldn’t even get qualified lol XD Just wanted to give it a try. Used cycles render’s shaders and some crazy modelling XD Only blender by the way.


[ATTACH=CONFIG]453425[/ATTACH]My name is Solar Wings. I call this “A Spooky Night”

This is is my very first nature scene

Render time: about 30 mins
Alos some minor post production in windows photo editor
I did use a tree from blender guru but the rest is me


2:45 hours render time with Blender 2.78RC on GTX580
Two tree objects distributed by particle system. Trees modeled with skin modifier and vertex skeleton.
I wanted to try out volumetric shading and sun lights.

Mero here. For past 10+ days i was learning about nature renders.
At first i tried to make some very cmplex scene like this -> / and that would be good for this contest but one day in my school (electrical vocational) i look at wall and saw that photo in calendar ->

Then i already knew what will i make !
And here i am with this render ->
Render time: 12:22:14.37
Post process -> Krita/Gimp

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This is just something I did quickly. I was trying to work on creating some nice water.

My nature render for the BlendMaster’s Nature Contest

My entry to the competition, which is a simplified version of the complete piece at

The original piece contains the Poser figure Pauline on the bridge, wearing a dress, which I have created with Marvelous Designer. In the front stands a makehuman figure. I have removed these two figures to comply with the rules of the competition. All other stuff has been created by myself. The textures are from, but most of them heavily reworked in the Gimp. All maps created with the InsaneBump plugin. The birds originally flew on a picture at
Have a look at my facebook page to see how it was done:

My 3d nature scene for the contest…blender 2.77[ATTACH=CONFIG]454710[/ATTACH]

This is my entry for the contest. My scene is based on the following idea:
In the distant future, mankind was looking for a new home and found a suitable moon.
After terraforming it, the explorers planted the vegetation they took from Earth to make a perfect and relaxing environment.
From that idea, I called the scene ‘Extrasolar Eden’.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]454806[/ATTACH]My 3d nature scene for nature contest

[ATTACH=CONFIG]454807[/ATTACH]My 3d nature scene for nature contest

My entry.
Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

This was my first nature render. All done in blender.