BlendNoob project

Creative (if you want to call it that) piece I just finished making.
Any feedback would be nice.
Pointers on being better with Blender would be awesome too.


I think light power shoudn’t be so high and the world without shadow

Hmm, lets see…The light could use some work its a bit too bright in my opinion, and you should rework your stars, unless you wanted it like that because right now it just looks like a plane with an image slapped onto it. There was a lightwave tutorial somewhere where they took a high resolution picture and put it on a plane but they curved it around so it looked a lot more realistic. Other than that its good, great idea too.

It’s a good idea, and decent modeling, but it has some problems. First, your hand model looks pretty low poly, I’d put a subsurf modifier on that, and the eye coming out of the hand doesn’t look very good. It doesn’t really fit in with the hand, and it doesn’t serve any purpose in the picture.

And the plane in the background isn’t necessary. There is an ‘star’ option under ‘Shading > World’, where you can add stars to the final render, and change the background to black, if needed. The way the hand and the earth cast shadows behind them is just really weird. And like borgleader said, it’s too bright.

My suggestion would be to look up some lighting tutorials and get familiar with it, and find some higher res textures.

Keep trying though, practice makes perfect. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support. Im going to try to find some lighting tutorials. And yes, I did just take a plane and slap a night sky picture on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll lower the power on the lighting, but the thing is. I dont know how to get rid of the shadows.

To Make a material not cast shadows, try this…

Turn off the setting in the first attachment… “Shadbuf”

The second attachment is an example, the cube on the left has the setting turned on, the one on the left doesn’t…

I hope it helps… :yes:



Thanks for you help. I tried turning off the shadows, it went pretty well. But it still doesn’t seen finished. I want to put more detail on the hand. Any suggestions, and more tips on the lighting or something?


It’s pretty cool - sends a message

adding some texture and SSS will make it look so great. rest of that modellig and thinking of scene is good.

yeah! but thats good for a noob!!

Thanks, but what’s SSS?

That’s what I was aiming for.

lower the spectacular setting on the hand. btw the hand was made in make human. i could rocognize it anywhere:)

Since this is a still try to sculpt details into the hand.

Good idea. I’m going to try to sculpt some details in.

render it in indigo it will be good its too bright:):):slight_smile: