Blendor Classes....

There are a lot of you Blendor Pros on this forum. Some have made tuts for newbi’s.

I have a suggestion / request. Would any of you mind teaching a Blendor classes? The teaching plat form could be PalTalk or Yahoo Messanger or some other? All have voice and video.

You could even charge a small fee if you like.

Or, one on one tutoring? I’ll even pay.

Just an idea. Thoughts?



Hehe, first of all it’s not Blendor it’s Blender. :wink:
Second, no need for paying or anything…
I think you’ll get the help for free, as a matter of fact i’ll try to make a tutorial for you.
Just to make sure:
-you want a tutorial for glasses like seen in here:

or something else?


He wants a class with a teacher – a virtual classroom.


I love a being corrected in a smart ass manner. I mean that sincerely. how boring would life be without sarcasm?! 8)

BlendEr! Got it! LOL.

Like the guy below said…a virtual class.

I mention $$ because personally I have no problem paying someone to help me. I just figured a small fee for anyone who was willing to teach couldn’t hurt. Hell, donate it to the BlendEr account.

As for your offer to make me a tutorial…I’d very much appreciate that. I’m as new as a baby. So, treat me like I just came from Mars and have to learn from a zero IQ.

I see all thesecool things you guys are doing and I’m just blown away by it. I WANT to be able to do it too.

I’m looking for a Mentor. :slight_smile:

These is so much information on here but finding a starting point (especially with so many dead links) is difficult for me.


I imagine a lot of people would like to help out.

Trouble is . . . unless there is some kind of monetary reimbursement, most would be unable to spend the time it takes to really teach blender or mentor an individual.

But that’s what forums like this are for. Everyone who can help pitches in with a little knowledge in the little time left over from their lives (most of us have one). :wink:

Obviously, a qualified instructor & personal attention are the best way to learn anything . . . and I hope you find what you need Pippen. But in the meantime, keep reading/practicing/searching.

BTW: If you think you can afford to replace my salary, let me know . . . classes will start tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. :smiley:

id love to be tutored
but no one is volunteering

Concider your salary replaced! Pizza and beer work for ya? LOL

I agree with all that you said. It was just a thought about classes.

It works for me, but not my landlord (or my wife!). :slight_smile:

Blender classes would be great . . . especially if they were open source too. Until this happens, all of us can keep comin’ here to get schooled.

These is so much information on here but finding a starting point (especially with so many dead links) is difficult for me.

Here’s where to start. Go through this, in order, doing everything you’re told to do. When you hit a dead link or an empty page, skip it and go on to the next tutorial. When you don’t understand something, come here and ask, and people will jump at the chance to help out. You will learn Blender if you do this.

With tutorials this good, and a help forum as good as elysiun, honestly, a virtual classroom is simply more trouble than its worth at any price, IMO.

I’ll start on this tonight. Thanks so much. Accidently PMing you worked out. I’ll try not to keep buggin you man. :wink:

Oh, you meant classes…
Teaching Blender from the scratch would be a very demanding and more importantly time-consuming project for me… There’s just so much to say and so little time…sorry…

However, the Wiki Blender tutorials is an excelent place to start.
As the others said, if you come to a dead end, ask here and someone will help you out.

Happy blending!