Blendpeaks : Create mountain peaks

Blendpeaks : A free and open source addon for Blender. It creates mountain peaks in one click.

Download and docs:

YouTube intro:


Nice work… thanks for the contribution!

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Unable to create

@declaration_independ Which blender version are you using?
I could not recreate this error on 2.82.7


this looks promising, good job, but I only see a very dim mountain appear. Any fix?
I am on 2.91/2.92.

Ryzen 9 3950 & RTX 2070 Super & 64 GB Ram.



Hello Fran ! Just add a light or sun…
Let me know if it works.
Edit: Sorry I see you already have a light. Please send me the blend file.

Hi Aniket,

thanks for your reply. Here the blend attached.

Kind regards,

FranBlendPeak Blender292.blend (2.2 MB)

Select the blendpeak plane and in the shader tab, connect the bump to Normal like in attached picture.
Set the light power to 5000.

It looks like they changed the Principled BSDF shader in this version. This addon is not tested in version 2.92, so there can be issues. Works nicely in lower versions.

Thank you for finding this solution. well done!
I wish you continued success with the plug in. Will be interesting for me to see what can create with it now.

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