Just saw this on the news. What a simmilar name to Blender. Just an “e” missing.
Isn’t this against the law?

No, it’s not.

No. Things don’t work like that. Plus that blendr is a social networking thing and our Blender is a 3d modelling program. very different.

It’s not illegal, but they would have a difficult time trademarking the term “Blendr.”

Heh! Get Blendr—Get Blender!!! :smiley:

I guess you just gave some free advertisement for “blendr”

Just because they applied for trademark status, doesn’t mean they’ll get it.

Here’s a challenge for you: Try and trademark the word ‘Apple’ or even ‘Appl’ and see how for you get.

Isn’t there a certain magazine that shares the same base name as Blender (with the ‘E’)?

They likely have copyright to that name and Ton hasn’t been sued for overseeing an app. with the same name with ‘3D’ attached, so I’m not sure why it should cause a panic or the creation of a rapid legal response team going over there from this forum especially since a lot of trademarks only cover use of the name for that general product type.