BlendRider 2.23

(MarMo) #1

Thank you for all opinion…

(ilac) #2

Impressive! :smiley:

One little detail, some of the wheels seem to have a white outine on the underside that cuts them off from the ground! :-? Other than that! Great work :smiley:

(EnV) #3

Bello! (italian for “beautiful”)


(AN][ARES) #4

real cool :slight_smile:

just one thing… did u use anti-aliasing? i just wonder cause there are edges where the wall touches the ground

(digitalSlav) #5

very nice… although i would probably spend more time modeling than relying on great texture work.

customs textures? i know the ground plane is pretty easy to find but what did you use for the wheels and grate?

(macouno) #6

I am sooo impressed!

maybe you could dent the tires a little (the bottom) so that it really looks like there’s some weight on them.

(paradox) #7

Very very nice.


(MarMo) #8

I used anti-aliasing (16 level), but this is scaled this scene in the GIMP with 1800/1200.
I used popular textures for background, ground, and front metal object.

Sorry, but my english language is not good :frowning:

(stephen2002) #9

I have see this before, it is just a difficency in Blender’s shadowing system. It gets worse the farther you move away the lights.

Nice job on the lighting, BTW. I would like to see a higher-res version.

(Dittohead) #10

nice, very impressive.

(S68) #11

Very nice.

Model is great,

Objects around it are too… ordered… if you get what I mean :slight_smile: