Blendrig Help Blender 2.8 weight paint problem

Hello, i am in the middle of rigging my character for an animation ( will post it here) but i ran into a rigging problem.
I hope someone can help me. I am using the blendrig addon for a character and i have the problem that the weight paint is not affecting the mesh as it should. It should be better to understand with the video.
I am at the same step as the creator in this video (When its not starting at the correct seconds it is at 7:34 )

My model looks like this:

Not an expert at rigging but i know blender well and i tried some things to locate the error like disabling the modifiers to see which one is causing it but i couldnt find the error there.

Anyone a blendrig expert or got an idea why it is like that?
The armature modifier is on top and i carfully followed the instructions in the video.

Anyone? It looks like the influence is not high enough or something is broken, when its a bug i cant tell what its causing.

Maybe i should use 2.79 for the rig.

It is one of the best feelings to find a mistake or error you made after such a long time.
I dont know if anyone will find this helpful but when here you go.

I had in the symmetry options of weight paint x mirror activated and in the options panel the x mirror options. Disable x mirror in the symmetry options and everything will work find.

That was a hard one but with enough effort you can find them all!

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