blends that failed on 2d filter use


there is a bug in implementing 2d-filters or blender itself, that make 2d-filters don’t work properly on some blend files, if you test 2d-filters on your blend files, and 2d-filters don’t work, please report here.

you can download windows build of game_engine branch that support 2d-filters from


Im feeling alone width this problem? :slight_smile:

Hello Zaghaghi
I think I know where the problem is happening with my blend. the water is a plane with two UVs. The UVs are animated with a script but that doesn’t seem to fix it if you stop the script from running. But, there does not seem to be support for 2 UVs in the version of Blender you are running, in fact the UV system seems to be being rewritten… Maybe the bug in the 2D filter is more do with the new UV code than your work. … maybe.

Just took my blend… put it back in 2.45, removed the second UV, put it back in your Blender and its OK.

Hey, I don’t know if this would be the correct place to post this, but I have an Idea for a new filter. Where can I post it (if not in this forum)?

you post it here, IRC channel, or

but, did you know that new 2d-filters support custom filter, that means you can write your own filter using GLSL

i’m wonder that why this happens, i generate a new texture and use it for post processing, i think that they use some textures without generating it