BlendSaver Screensaver project finished

:smiley: I finished the BlendSaver Screensaver project.
The BlendSaver.scr starts randomly dat-files (renamed blender executables) listed in the BlendSaver.ini.

You can download the BlendSaver including one screensaver(stars.dat):

or a package including four screensavers:


i dont think the cross post was required

Nice work, Harald!

I remember you announcing this project - now it’s done and I can produce my own screensavers with Blender. Thank you very much!

I think I will start with a simple Blender screensaver :slight_smile:



I made a simple Blender Screensaver for your tool, Harald.


Download (1.2MB - Blender Screensaver for Win32):


cool, that’s nice goodies to download.

Thoro, nice work, it shows the capabilities of the game engine (altough it is a simple scene). Blender is a great tool to produce Screensavers with no limits. The next release of the BlendSaver launcher will integrate additional informations (e.g. Homepage + Email) about the screensaver designer. Any ideas?


how do you make blender executables??

A blender executable is a saved runtime of a blender game engine scene. You will find a lot of game engine tutorials here:


Ahem, yes - I prefer simple Screensavers :wink:

A text area for additional informations about the Screensavers would be cool - as well as the ability to store SDL.sll together with the runtime files in a subtree. And preview images to display in Windows’ preview panel :D.

nerdyneo, you need a Blender version capable of saving runtimes. For example the latest CVS build:

Blender 2.33 will not let you save runtimes, but this feature will be back in version 2.34.

why do you need the SDL.dll ?


…the runtimes saved in the current CVS version need the SDL.dll to run (I was told that Blender 2.34 runtimes will also need it).

Jesterking was trying to link the dll(get it in the runtime) so you don’t need it. i don’t know if he succeded.

Yes, that would be cool - an independent exe file is smarter… but I guess Jesterking is very busy at this stage of development ;).

also a very cool feature is to quit on mouse mouve. the blender one by thoro don’t quit on mouse mouve.

Gabio, you are absolutely right, this should be a basic feature of a screensaver - shame on me :expressionless:

I added this function now.

Download link stays the same:

How do I make a full screen .exe?

I used the current CVS build:

There’s a new option called ‘Fullscreen’ in Scene settings (F10) / Format / Game framing settings.

Right. And it’s very easy to set too.