BlendSim. Arcade Simulation in BGE

Hi. I’m from Russia. Sorry for my English, I write with a translator. I’m working on creating an arcade simulator. Starting the video.

My Video from youtube. Night Fly and Action Test Campaigh for MiG-23MLD Single Mission: 4 MiG-23MLD vs 4 F-15C

Demo-version Game download (145 MB)

I haven’t quite got the hang of messaging on the forum, but my knowledge of English leaves much to be desired.
After download unzip and run the file “Game1.1” Version Blender 2.75a (warning! - 2.75a) “Help” - Configuration management is described (key button) in Menu (button “Help”). Language selection in Start-Menu - English-Русский. Sorry, all English text is translated by Internet translator. A little later I’ll give a more detailed description of the elements of the game and its features.

About the game created. The project is an arcade simulator of military equipment. At this point in the game there is not many objects, many of which are still to be finished and finalized (for example no textures on some ground objects). Currently the player is available 3 aircraft - su-25, MiG-27K and MiG-23MLD. Besides them, the game has the F-15C, F-16C, F-5E, as well as the Mi-24. From ground objects are stationary S-75(SA-2), self-propelled short-range SAM system Strela-1, T-72 and M-60 tanks, small-caliber automatic anti-aircraft Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun ZPU-1 and MLRS BM-21 Grad, as well as BRDM-2. The weapons in the game, there are unguided and homing. The missiles are air-to-air and air-to-ground, guided aviation bombs, anti-tank missiles. The emphasis is on ensuring interaction between objects, testing effects, so the set of game objects is quite limited (yet). In the future it is planned to significantly expand this set, with the addition of real landscapes and simulate the real events of the second half of the 20th century to the present day. And, of course, the optimization process of your gambling.

The composition of the units available to the gamer, introduced the MiG-29A.
Entered bomb sight for aircraft,
a sight ASP-17 to Su-25 and a HUD for the MiG-27K.
Improved the behavior of the aircraft in the short-distance action.
Expanded the number of missions, improved and completed the instruments in the cockpit.
Introduced the possibility of a battle in arcade mode (the third person).

Cant play. After ‘Accept’ in mission screen. ACCESS VIOLATION error (in console).

Judging from your most recent videos, authentic reproduction of these planes means a lot to you. I can identify with that. But I do think that a more relaxed approach to the gameplay would actually be in favor of that sense of authenticity. In simulation games, there’s often a disconnect between real-feeling vehicles and real-feeling gameplay - a disconnect that forces players to focus less on the detail put into the machines and more on controlling such complex creatures with little more than a keyboard and mouse.

It’s sort of like model vehicles. The models can be meticulously crafted and put together, but if you ever had to control one of them, it’d be a whole different experience. It would be less about the fantasy of controlling such a vehicle, and more about the horrible reality of trying to control such a vehicle.

So I think you should focus on making a game that does feature real-life plane models, but with go-to, engaging gameplay. Something that completes users’ fantasies of being the terrifying pilot of a terrifying plane.