{Blendswap character contest} entry Lance at 30

This character is Lance, from my film, Giants in the Earth, in this file, he is 30 years old. I did not plan on modelling him until we get to that piont of the story (at least 6 scenes down the road, corresponding to scenes G1 through G4 and H1 and H2), but for the Blendswap contest I made him priority.

info on the blendswap contest is here

see the latest scene in the film to learn about his early life as a character:

and a preview for scene G1 –

I watched couple of your films . I should have gotten some snacks before … I really like them , bit dark but cool , most of all because i am from that Commodore / Amiga era , your renderings , especially was delightful to me . well If you ever need any kind of spaceship turret , I would like to make them available for your films . I have some work up in blendswap and some in Turbosquid ,you can find them all under sendercorp :slight_smile: okay , cool …keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks Sender. I won’t need any Turrets for awhile, but if I do I will look you up! Thanks for the views too – I am amazed if anyone will actually be willing to invest 10 mins a pop.

I checked your stuff on Blendswap… Awesome! very impressive!