is looking for a Developer

Hey Guys,
We are still in need of a new volunteer developer, the person must have solid PHP skills and the ability to make secure code. You would be helping us update blendswap’s features, adding new features, and development on the new version of Along with helping us code and design several new projects that we are working on. You would work hand in hand with Jonathan our main developer.

Again, this is a volunteer position, we understand that you all have lives and time is limited but if you would be able and willing to donate a few hours a week in the improvement of Blendswap and the blender community, we would love to hear from you.
Thanks for your time.

The Blend Swap Crew

Wish I could help, but no PHP skills sorry.

Where abouts in South Dakota are ya from I spent a good portion of growing up in Spearfish.:slight_smile:

From Sioux Falls.

I know I’m off topic (I code like a biplane does a moonshot!) but I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR BLENDSWAP! Brilliant idea, GIANT service to the Blender Community. I love that a person who uploads a couch, library, raygun, or sopwith camel one day can pop onto YouTube a few days later and see their model in someone else’s film who they just made friends with!
Blendswap RULES! and I’m always happy to drop in and see what the Blenderheads have cooked up! Thanks again.

I know PHP, and have some time on my hands, what specific features are you looking at creating?

@AdamEtheredge - Thank you for your kind words, we love to hear that the community likes the site.
@hamstaq, sent you a PM don’t really want to publish what where working, like to keep it a secret for all the users. You understand.