BlendSwap Contest "Boxer Mouse Character"

Howdy again!
I’ve been working on a contest for BlenSwap. I finally decided to create a Boxer Mouse.
This is actually the first time I’ve ever tried sculpting for character creation, so I’ll see how
well it turns out. Feel free to give constructive criticism, all is very helpful to me!


Damn, good sculpt.

I think i might quite, I have no chance.

Hey Thank’s for the complement, but do not quit! I started Blender almost two years ago, and it was intimidating at first. My first models were horrible, in fact my first model was a combat knife. It had almost 1 million polys, and looked like a fat butter knife.I had no clue what I was doing. Then after much practice and tutorials, I began to get better. So do not give up!
Good Luck!

how many facets does it have at this stage?

Very nice start. Lets see where it goes.

a little over 50k, I’m hoping to add one more layer of detail.

good start,
the arms are a little short.

This is a really good start :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t mind, I did a quick paint over of the areas I feel need to be fixed a bit.

The overall silhouette looks great but needs a bit of refinement in my opinion. Feel free to ignore my critics or take them into consideration. However, do by all means use references when doing anatomical models such as this one.

Great start non the less and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Best of luck :wink:

Thank you so much for the help! I need all of it I can get! I’ve been looking at your
creation on your website. I love it!

Some excellent sculpting, and some great advice from JNL … but before you get too far, what are your plans for clothing and accessories? If he is going to be wearing something, its not too efficient to spend a great deal of time on anatomy that will eventually be covered at least or deleted at most.

Just a caution. It really does look good. The shading has a strange AO effect that is pretty cool.

Thanks for the tip, I’ve already planned out the clothing. He’s going to be wearing boxing shorts and gloves.
I finally know what I want the outcome to be. I’m creating a boxing mouse, warrior thing.
Updates on head

Basic Head:

Love that head man, lots of character :slight_smile: Keep it up :slight_smile: Great idea, can’t wait to see it finish :slight_smile:

I finally realized what was looking wrong on the mouth. I needed to lessen the nose, and make it more like a mouse, not a tiger. :wink:
I need to add a bit more detail, then I start re-topology and attaching the head to the body.
Thanks for the support Jeannot!

You are welcome :wink: This is starting to look a lot more like a mouse now :slight_smile: I did however liked the nose a bit bigger, kinda gave him character. Now, there is one thing you should maybe try, since you are going for a somewhat realistic anatomy style, maybe give your mouse a more humanoid head shape, dunno, maybe see how Avatar managed to make realistic cat like humanoid faces? That would probably fit the body style you are aiming for a bit better? I may be wrong on this though, we’d have to check how the head fits on that body first :wink:

But man, keep it up :slight_smile: its really starting to get very interesting :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you have a sculpting background or have sculpted in other programs.

Jeannot: I’ll try out both style and see what looks best. I agree with you about the nose, going back and adding shape and enlarging.
GraphiX: I’ve never tried sculpting till now. I’m not sure why in two years I haven’t tryed sculpting, but now that I’ve started it, I love it!

Looking good but I think I might be missing the point. Are you planning on merging the mouse head with the body or are they just separate sculpting projects?

I’m going to cartoonify the body a bit and attach the two, then add boxing gloves and shorts

An absolutely awesome look on it’s way. I just love the idea with a mouse head on a butch body - the boxing theme being the cherry on top. Being more of a technician than artist myself, it’s really fun to see the talent here, the creativity. :smiley: