Blendswap Military Vehicle Contest!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
I’d like to welcome you to the first ever Blendswap model competition. In this new
opportunity for Blender artists, we’re offering fabulous prizes for the best military
vehicle models. A variety of categories are available, so there’s no excuse for not
entering. Simply grab an idea and start modeling! Once you’re done, all you have to do is upload your model to Blendswap under one of the special contest categories. At the end of the judging period, we’ll judge the best model in each category.

Models may be submitted to the following categories. Each model may belong to only one category.

  • Land Machines: tanks, APCs, and the like.
  • Walkers: Power suits, mechs, etc. Remember realism.
  • Air Power: Planes, jets, helicopters and similar vehicles. Space vehicles are not a focus of this competition.

Entries are due by 12:00 AM (CST) on September 30

Thanks to our gracious sponsor, Packt Publishing, we’ve got some great ebooks available for our contest winners. The top entry in each category will receive a free ebook edition of one of these two books:

Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook

Blender 2.5 HOTSHOT

Wes Burke of and
Dolf Veenvliet of entoforms and Sintel
Ben Dansie of Sintel, and all around stud Blenderhead.

For more information, you can read the Contest Rules, the Design Guidelines, or the FAQs, all on the official contest site.
For questions on Blendswap itself, read Blendswap’s Swapper Handbook.
This contest is a collaboration between Blendswap and HJ Media Studios

This should be in contest section.

Btw sounds cool. Wish I had time to take part, maybe next time. :slight_smile:
good luck to participants from my side. :slight_smile:

Just a question. Why such a heavy emphasis on functional (real world like) military vehicles, without it being an existing military vehicle? Why not go all out and design the next generation of war machines?

After reading the contest rules “…recognizably functional military vehicle” I noticed the contradiction in the category: “Walkers: Power suits, mechs”.

How can a entrant know his submission wil be considered if the lines are so blurry?

I want that character animation book, but I just don’t know if I will have the time for this …Sounds like a fun competition

It just needs to look functional, not ceremonial or fantasy-like. So no Gundam-style stuff, but a walker that looks practical, even if it isn’t actually able to operate, will be OK.

Ooh. Walkers. :smiley:
I wonder if I can find time for this.

For those of you considering modeling a mech or walker, check out “A Note on Mechs” on the rules site for more info. Short version: If it doesn’t look like something from a cartoon, it’s good. There’s a lot of leeway- stationary siege weapons that can be moved are close enough to count as vehicles.

no space vehicles! why? :frowning:
Im just about to finish modeling one

Hey guys, don’t for get about things like military drones. They are usually not as complex as other military vehicles.

We aren’t allowed to use cgtextures, are we?

Also, are futuristic/fantasy models allowed, as long as they could be realistic?


Nope, no CGTextures because of licenses. Future vehicles are OK, but fantasy vehicles (i.e. anything that doesn’t look like it’d work as a military vehicle) aren’t. Just make a good effort to make it look plausible for the present of future and it’ll be fine.

fantasy vehicles? what about power suits and mechs aren’t they fantasy vehicles and they’re still far from todays technology…
woah almost of royalty free texture distribution sites have license, so it you might get your own textures or use them secretly lol… most games do that…

so in other terms, model a military vehicle from early or up to semi-futuristic and rendered realistic without using textures from cgtextures

I will rather make my own textures,just to be safe…there is nothing Photoshop and Camera can’t do. The only limit is your skill and imagination.

Good thinking. nash88’s second post kind of hits it on the head. Then again, CG-Predator’s right; anything can be made yourself. If you want to learn how to make your own textures, I highly recommend CGTuts+'s “How to Hand-Paint Convincing Metal Textures” tutorial. It’s a bit long, but well worth the effort to learn and gives great results.

I’ve got one question: should I give a lot of attention to the rest of the scene such as background, ground floor and such, or it really will not matter as longer it looks neat??

The model is all. A simple studio backdrop or even a blank backdrop is OK.

Contest UPDATE!!!
New Grand Prize from and judging criteria. Defiantly check it out.

Yay Grand Prize!! Big thanks to and also thanks for the judging criteria; makes it easier to model knowing what to focus on :slight_smile:



Is this still valid? The offical Update on the announcement gives +5 for the background and it strikes me odd to get points for a good ‘clean’ backdrop. Don’t want to be nitpicky but I was almost starting on the textures and they need to be sort of environment influenced to up the realism right?

On that note, anyone got a preference/idea for an environment? I really don’t know at the moment. I’m making a big fighter helicopter.

Edit: also rigging? jikes, I thought it was only model and render. (Anyone got decent links on mechanical rigging in blender?)