Blendswap not working

I cant remember my password and the reset password option only returns an error page and does absolutely nothing…

Unfortunately they don’t seem to have anything but their email form for support, which is also not working (sent to the same error page), so I cannot contact them… hopefully somehow they see this.

If someone has a suggestion as to how to get a hold of someone from the site, please let me know.


Hi there welcome to BA!
In your case I wouldn’t go through too much trouble and simply create a new account.
Btw. I move your thread to the ‘other software’ category. It’s a better fit.

Unfortunately the account is linked to my email, and I do not want to create a new email to manage to simply log into an existing account. Hopefully somehow they fix their issue… this is the problem with services and companies not having real humans working behind the scenes…

Just a bump/update. It would appear that all forms are broken on the site (I cannot even sign up a different account with a new email)… this is super frustrating…

Yes, you can’t reset password, nor create a new account. Any updates on this? Anyone been able to contact Blendswap? You can’t send them a message from the site as it also gives a 500 error.

I was just there and I had no problems…I do know things are slower than molasses since the new site. ( but then they were slow before )

@johnroper100 weren’t you involved in this? Is there anything you can do?

I’ve posted on twitter about this problem but got no answer.

Hi everyone, this issue should be fixed now, we were having an issue with our mail server. Please try again, I’ll put an alternative email in addition to the contact form if you are having trouble.

Thanks for chiming in everyone. The 500 error persists all across the site (any contact or type of form submission seems to have the issue). Hopefully someone associated with the site sees one of these posts/tweets.

Just one last update. This issue seems to have been resolved (I am having no issues now), and there is also a news update on the site saying it has been fixed. Thanks to johnroper for fixing it.

I am not able to log in, and have been (patiently) trying for several weeks.

I always end up on the “forgot password” form.

When I click, it says that instructions have been sent to my email (which is correct on the screen) but I never receive anything.

So sad.