BlendText 2.5 Conversion

Hi All,

I have started down the path of converting BlendText to Blender 2.5. The community is helping out quite a bit with some of the complex math code so I thought I would post a preliminary test that demonstrates how the effector system works in BlendText.

The hierarchy of the BlendText letter is represented in the example file. If you scrub the timeline and run the script at various points, it will return a float value (0.0, 0.5 or 1.0) along with two booleans depending upon where the object is in relation to the effector object. The effector object has the established BlendText hierarchy as well. When the object is in the center of the effector the script returns 1.0, True, True. Which indicates both inner and outer influence are occurring. When the object is only affected by the outer influence mesh, the script returns 0.5,True,False. Indicating partial effector influence. When the object is outside both effector meshes, the script returns 0.0,False,False. No influence was detected.


25_test_effector_inner_outer.blend (488 KB)