BlendText v01e (Blender's New Text Tool)

Hi All,

I have been working on a new python script that eases the creation and animation of text in the Blender 2.49 environment.

It is a lot of fun to play with!

I have put together a tutorial that shows how to use the various features of the script.

You can view it here:

A followup video tutorial that covers new features:

BlendText is a python script for Blender 2.49.2. It is a multi-tabbed continuously updated environment for animating text or copy at the phrase, word or character-by-character level.

BlendText supports effector style animation inside Blender. Phrases may be generated in 2D layout or placed upon a 3D curve. Capped font support is available as well. Generated objects have the passIndex property set so it is very easy to extract any portion of the animated effect by using an object index node in the Blender compositor.

Feel free to download the BLEND file here: (5th revision since initial release!)


ras_blendtext_release_1e.blend (696 KB)

This is awesome man, thanks for all your hard work

Waiting for 2.5 scripts!

You can use BlendText in 2.49, right now. I find there is very little that 2.5 can do that 2.49 can not.

2.5 definitly renders raytracing alot faster… not sure of those technicallities, but 2.49 rendered my one image in 2 mins and 2.53 rendered it in 15 seconds! dont ask me how, maybe it calculates it first before rending… i dunno, just a theory:confused:.

anyways, with this script, can you animate different characters appearing like as if you were animating typing?

2.5 speed up with raytracing is certainly welcomed.

can you animate different characters appearing like as if you were animating typing?

Yep, you certainly can!

If you watch the video tutorial at the link posted above I demonstrate just that. Using the effector to reveal text in a character-by-character fashion.

hey atom thought i’d let you know, that the problems we had with your earlier version and rendering animation using blendtext must have been fixed cos i can now render out fine

Great news!

Thanks for the confirmation.:slight_smile:

I have added some new features to the BlendText script. Viewport speedup, halo lights behind characters and IPO animation with per-character delay for Amazing Automatic Animations.

Visit the followup video tutorial link in the first post for details on using the new features!

Here is an example of BlendText doing circular layout of numbers as it scales them.


I have successfully converted the font portion of the 2.49 BlendText engine to the 2.54 API. I also have ported the effector code, but have not put it through a thorough test.

The initial 2.53 GUI prototype I had working was very promising. One of the unexpected features is that nearly every parameter will be animatable and multiple BlendText objects can be in a single scene.

Next to tackle the GUI API which has changed between 2.53 and 2.54. This API change has kind of stalled development.


Awesome work ! keep it up, looking forward to it.

i am following your work since a long time and must say i am very impressed with your scripts, especially with BlendText script!
To see your tutorials is a pleasure because of inspired ideas and visual quality.
Thank your for sharing your ideas

I am still on 2.49, please don’t forget this by updates.

Keep it up friend, this is an awesome script…!

Okay, 1st, I would like to apologize for bringing this old thread from dead.
But I am very disparate in a resource to learn from about ways to animate text in blender on a character base.
This script is exactly what I looking for but it seems not updated to work with the latest versions of blender, please correct me If I wrong!!!
Any news about it?