Blendtexture node


I am referring to Blender materials nodes as it has been described here or here

Definitely it seems that the best way is to use texture painting for creating base template for materials blending (it can use only few vertices to be compared with vertex painting template method).

What I am trying to solve several evenings but without any result is to blend more then two materials. The idea is to texture paint for example three texture colours blending on an object. Then to link three materials in node editor according to these three textre colours.

So my blenderfellows is there anyone so node genious who is able to find out whether this is already possible to set up in node editor?

Thank you very much


This is good example what may be then possible to do also in Blender: Then it may be very easy to make these things :smiley:

Well, there are two ways:

  1. Draw 3 different textures, use each as a mask.
  2. Draw 1 texture in 3 colours and use that (I’m doing that now, I’ll post screenies when done)

if I understand correctly, of course!

here is the file:

Probably not the best way of doing it, but it works. Basically takes an RGB image and splits it into component parts. Then it uses each one as a mask for a different texture, then it mixes them back together (actually adds them)

edit - screenshot


thank you very much for your effort. I am not really sure wether in your picture the materials are really blending. I will check after donwload of the attached files. But you are right that node combination is realy not to easy.

Anyway I suppose that next releases of Blender will go on regardign evolution of node editr and especialy prearranged node groups.

Thank you very much once more.