Blenduary - Sketchbook

As the username suggests, February is my ‘stop messing around and try to learn Blende month’ :laughing: .

Today I’m posting my first ‘real’ project, ie. something I’ve made from scratch without following a step by step tutorial. It’s a model of a German M1915 Stielhandgranate hand grenade.

I learnt so much making it, and even though there are countless things to improve on, it’s a good start!

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Here’s the reference image from an Osprey book

Another modelling exercise, another hand grenade :laughing:

Textures, lighting etc I want to focus on later. Right now I want to nail the basics of modelling.

Here’s the reference image

WIP of an iso view, low poly lounge scene, courtesy of Chris Plush’s Blender Encyclopedia course. He’s a great instructor, and it’s a very enjoyable course.

Part way through texturing and lighting.

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More progress. Using a random node to assign book colours was great fun.

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Calling this done. Potential for plenty more tweaking and adding of props, but I’m happy and have learnt a lot.


A couple of firsts today. First time modelling a tank (low detail/mobile game style), and first time attempting UV unwrapping. Quite an experience! Pleased with how it’s gone so far. Plenty to improve on, but a useful learning experience and necessary first step.

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