Blenducation: Projection Painting in Blender

Hey guys!
I want to announce a new class i am giving at, it’s about the all new and awesome projection painting. Forget about seams when you paint on your UV-Map! Take any reference image you want and clone it directly onto the mesh! Now texture painting in Blender is really fun and easy! :yes:
The class will be on tuesday, 02.06.2009, 6pm EST
Find out more at:

hey there!
little reminder-bump for tonights class on about projection painting (

EST can mean 4 different time zones, which one is it? When posting times for an international audience, please either use the UTC difference or post a link to the fixed date at:
So we can convert it ourselves.

i am sorry. this whole time zone stuff is just too confusing. i thought EST is exact (i looked at this site:
so maybe this is more correct? 6pm EST (GMT-4)

edit: this one?