BlendxJP2 (Blender User Meeting in Tokyo, Japan)

Hi, this is Toudou.
I’m member of Japanese Blender User Group called as
We will have Blender User Meeting (BlendxJP2) on November 4 in Tokyo, Japan.
8 professional speakers will present their speeches of Blender and more lightning talk speakers.
The number of the application reached to 163!

@towel_roborevo : 2D animation workflow
@arafune : Combination with Blender and After Effects
@MaxPuliero : High-end asset feature in Blender
@GhostBrain3dex : Making MANGA using Blender
@3dcganimation : Hospitable, Blender!
@omiya_io : Using Blender in post-production for illrustration
@kurono73 : Tracking using Blender
@sigma6289 : Blender Conference 2017 Report

More information ishere (sorry, it is written in Japanese)

We expect to have wonderful time at the meeting!

Thank you,

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Will there by any video recordings uploaded on youtube or something? (Japanese is fine)

Ooh! I will be in Tokyo on the 4th, so I might join in. Thanks for letting us know about the event :slight_smile:

Sorry, no live streaming and no video upload…

Due to capacity of the meeting room, you can’t attend the meeting(If you have not applied earlier).
The room’s capacity is 100. But the application number is 164.
So, 64 people are waiting for cancellation of early applications.


Oh wow. Would you consider having the next one it somewhere more central like Shibuya? Is there a twitter I can follow?

So if there will be no videos uploaded and no one else can come, what’s the point of the thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I signed up not realising it was already waaay overbooked (first time using Conpass, wasn’t sure what those numbers meant :slight_smile: )

So for people who are on the waiting list, is there anything else going on outside the room? I guess the other 64 of us could loiter outside and talk about Blender like the nerds we are :wink:

If there is a room to use for the event with no fee around Shibuya, we would like to use it.
Do you know such place?

Please follow the following facebook. We, staff, are talking about the event.

Thank you,

First, let world know Blender activities in Japan.
Second, let someone (Blender user) live in Japan or is planned to visit Japan know this annual event.

It sounds good idea! But we borrow the event room from normal company. It is not event hall.
So, due to security reason, there is no place to gather and talk with other users in the place…

Ah, OK.

I’m actually just visiting Tokyo that weekend - I live in Kyoto. I’ll follow the Facebook group to see if anything changes regarding extra rooms etc.

I know some Blender guys in Osaka area hold small Blender meetings sometimes.
They use the following site to recruit participants. Check it at the web page searching with word, “Blender”.

I will check with my friends.