(BLEngine) Terrain Update

Well I said I would be silent for like 3 weeks, but I put this new terrain rendering system together over the last 2 days. I hope you like it.

Again, my intention is not to take over threads and take other people out of the spotlight. I have a right to post updates about games I’m making using Blender in some form just as much as anyone.

So I’m working on this new thing which I have called “Re-creating Halo 3”. Just a small portion of the first level I’m recreating to see how much I can match the graphics. I will have a page on my site about it soon. This is such a basic scene but I think it looks cool. It might not be AAA quality yet, but I think given that framerate that it’s pretty good ( 0 optimization still). Shadows in tommorow should be cool. It would be 1000 framerate but I enabled “Mip-Map biasing to use a higher mip-map level”, it just looked better.

nice, that looks pretty good. You should make a stress test and compare this engine to the blender game engine

I dont quite know how I would do that, because my splatting is setup outside of blender. I’m not too familiar with blenders splatting.

Regardless it’s a Halo3 Remake. So I’m trying to compare it to Halo 3 by the end of the week.

Nice screen!

If you’re curious, texture splatting in Blender is done with a grayscale stencil texture.

Any plans for some neat terrain features in your engine? Like geomipmapping or procedural terrain?

“Any plans for some neat terrain features in your engine? Like geomipmapping or procedural terrain?”

Nope. I’ve tried out so many terrain editors in the past and hated them ALL. Terragen was the least user friendly one I used.

Basically, you hand model the terrain in blender. I mean why not, if you have a height map or you want to make hills, blender is good at speed modeling. If you want procedural terrain, just make a noise texture in photoshop, and again use it as a heightmap.

I’m doing this LOD system kinda like the current way you see terrain done, but different. It will be the same performance though. I tend to lean away from too much code to try and optimize when it actually will boggle things down. I want super fast drawing.

There is the basic texture function to model stuff higher up or more slanted as rock and flat stuff to be grass. You can also go and paint, thats what is at the top. I’ll show this off on Friday.

Why do you not want procedural terrain to be possible, I’m wondering about that because procedural content is supposed to offer the ultimate in game replayability. Like a procedural planet, if each procedural planet is unique enough you just want to play again and again because you never know what you’ll get, and you get a tiny filesize to boot.:smiley:

Well, I personally don’t care for it or see the use. I wouldn’t plan to release a game where you would travel to random planets. Even so, the procedural should produce the same results for every player, otherwise nobody gets to see the same game. I mean any game that has a clear mission and spawn points for enemies cannot be procedurally done. It could be pre-computed which is what I suggested and then just build your games mission around that.

If i wanted random fractal terrain, it would only be a loop through the terrain’s vertices and running some function.

I guess that’s true, however you may want to experiment in allowing procedural textures that can be UVmapped or set to Orco coordinates, you’d get the same texture everytime and you get to have very high resolution textures with very little filesize that deforms and moves with the mesh, some engines like Esperient already have the ability to use a similar system.

The term procedural is usually used based on a 3d input function. So typically the vertex position x,y,z are thrown into a function. Any of this stuff can be applied very simple. Right now my terrain isn’t textured correctly to how it should be. So it will look a lot better really soon. Once shadows and normal mapping go in the game, it’s going to look really good.

A big update already. Putting in waterfalls, water…whatever I want to. Framerate is still around 500fps.

that’s great, but where is the water fall?