BlenRig 5 Public Release

(donaldnjeru) #242

Its the normal vincent blender rig…got an error uploading.


(jpbouza) #243

Hi @Oscalon the answer to all of those questions is YES, lol. You can do whatever you want, add new bones, move them to other layers and even delete the whole face. Just parent the bones to the corresponding deformation bones and it will get in retargeting.
Basically, once you have a character rigged, you go into REPROPORTION mode again, retarget the thing, bake the meshes, then the mesh deform cage and finally the armature. Finally you rebind the meshes and that’s it, you have a new character working.

About the heel thing, well, that’s a rigging thing that you should figure out, it seems a bit tricky, it’s doable, but it’s tricky.

About the script, well, you need the addon for the GUI, but the characters should work ok without it too.

@donaldnjeru well, as a rule of thumb, you never move an armature in object mode in Blender… That is, unless you also move all the objects that are rigged with it in the same way. So generally you don’t do that.

For attaching a character to a car, you can add a child of constraint to the master bone so that it moves with one of the bones of your car. If you are working with links, you could also directly parent the armature in object mode and the character’s empty to that car bone, and that will also work.

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(jpbouza) #244

Guys BlenRig 5 Ver. 1.04 is now available for Blender 2.8!

This is a direct port from the Blender 2.7 version so don’t expect any new features, although I’m still working on new stuff for future releases.

Now you’ll be able to use Victor, Vincent, Agent 327 and Spring or even rig your own characters in Blender 2.8.

Also, for the ones who still don’t have a Blender Cloud Subscription, we’ve made all the BlenRig Tutorials available for free on Youtube

Get it from The Blender Cloud or from Gitlab


(captainkirk) #245

Thank you! Off to play with it now…