BlenRig 5 Public Release

Lol, you’re right, thanks!

You can fix that by assigning those vertices in the corresponding hook modifier!

Thanks a lot for your answer (sorry for the delay, I was not at home for a while).
I’ll try what you say asap. For now I decided to change the modeling, again, by using MB-Lab, way more promising for various reasons. But as I want to continue with your rigging system, I’ll try to mix the two systems.

Anyway, thanks again for your help. ^^

I modeled my character with a slight bend in the knee to accommodate Rigify. Now I’m re-rigging in Blenrig, but when I try to make the model stand straight, instead the feet come off the ground.

I found various promising-looking paramaters eg “Body Settings --> IK --> Initial Rotation --> Shin” but they don’t seem to do anything obvious.

Is there a proper way to tell Blenrig the character has bent knees in the rest pose?

Is there documentation for Blenrig? I haven’t watched all the tutorials yet, and I worry maybe my question is answered if I just had patience and finished the tutorials. :wink:

Hi @philo_vivero! Well, that’s not a BlenRig question, it’s a general rigging one, hehe. Just select the Shin_IK bones and edit the IK parameters in the Blender bones tab. There you’ll find a bunch of options for setting max rotation angles and stuff.

Thank you for the answer, and apologies - I’m not really a rigger… or animator… or artist at all really. Just a hobbyist who wanted to try some of this stuff out.

It means sometimes I don’t even know the most basic things. :frowning:

Well, let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Just past this week I got asked about Blenrig. I remember last year around this time there was a big update. How are things working on 2.82?

It is supposed to be working ok :D. I’m currently working on another update, but I don’t know when i’m gonna be able to release it.

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Hi @jpbouza, or anyone else who might be able to answer.
I’ve searched for an answer, and can’t find one. I’ve made it through some of Chapter 7 of the Blenrig tutorials (weight painting the hands) while rigging my character, and I’ve discovered that the bone “fing_thumb_1_def_L” bends the wrong way (downward instead of toward the fingers) when I try to close the fist with “hand_close_L.” I’ve rolled the bone every way I can possibly try (and then pressed the “custom aligns” button afterward), and it still bends downward instead of inward. My .blend file can be downloaded here: I’d be very grateful for some insight (from anyone). Thanks for this amazing add-on!

Hello, I’m hoping someone can help me with this. I have created a character that I’m trying to rig. As you can see from the first screen shot, the character is wearing some kind of kilt, and I’m not sure I can get the mesh deform cage to work with this without adding more mesh to the cage, which may cause problems.

In my second screen shot, you can see that the legs are not attached to the body. So as a last resort, I was thinking about removing the kilt, attach the legs to the body and that would solve the cage problem. I’ll just create the kilt using the cloth simulator. Then again, the character will have hair particles for his hair and beard. So not sure if using the cloth sim with the hair particles combined will cause issues.

Any ideas, suggestions? Thank you!

@zyzzxander The hand_close_L controller controls actions. Skip ahead to Chapter 11 where it talks about creating actions for the face, and use that info to go back and edit the hand closing action.

And as a side note, even though that hand close controller can be useful at times, most animators choose not to use an automatic control like that. Simply because if you’re animating a hand closing but need to have additional animation in the fingers, then you end up counter animating. Just a suggestion, obviously you should work the way that makes the most sense to you, but just putting it out there. :wink:

@ikonimation If you’re using cloth sim for the kilt, I don’t believe it needs to have a mesh deform modifier. You will only need to pin parts of the kilt to a bone (like hips so it moves with the hips) and then add the cloth modifier. I think with character animation, it gets tricky because you can’t pose your character – the kilt moves based on physics only. So you have to animate your character into position and let the cloth sim catch up.

Thank you! That was the bump I needed. It’s now fixed. Thanks for the hand animation advice as well. I was aware of that one, but it’s welcome input anyway. I probably don’t even know to ask about what I don’t know, if you know what I mean. :wink: Mostly, I’m trying to make sure that I get BlenRig right from top to bottom, so I don’t want to push past a big error that I don’t understand. For other’s reference: I ended up opening the Action “zrig_hand_close” in the Dope Sheet/Action Editor. I changed the rotation and location keyframes for “fing_thumb_ctrl_mstr_L” to be in the position I wanted. I then copied the pose and pasted it flipped to “fing_thumb_ctrl_mstr_R” and changed the keyframes on that side as well.
Thanks 3Dmaven!

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