BlenRig 5 Public Release

Hi Juan,I’m using Blender 2.92.0.
I’m facing this issue when i’m in Reproportion mode if i do Ctrl Z ( Undo ) Blender crashes.

Hi @trideep !

Is this when you are using the reproportion guide? Or also when you just press the reproportion button from the Rigging & Baking panel inside of Rig Tools?

I ask this because I need to know if the Guide is the one that’s crashing Blender or the rig.

I’m not experiencing any crash here in 2.92 or 2.93 but I’m using Linux, mabye it crashes in a different OS.

Sorry i should’ve mentioned that. It’s crashing when using the reproportion guide.

@trideep k and what’s your Operating System?

windows 10

@trideep I still haven’t had the chance to test it on a Windows machine, but if you or anyone else wants to join a discord channel I’m building up for BlenRig, feel free to join!

I still haven’t done much, and I’m all alone in there, hahaha.

But anyway, that way we can chat in real time :slight_smile:

Not realy alone… i’m there too. :joy: :joy: :innocent:

I know, but I wanted people to feel sad for me so that they come! hahaha

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Now we are both sad and alone with @SavMartin :cry:

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yup sure i’ll join

(i read everything you say in your voice) Would you ever add pre-set limbs like just an arm or a leg (like in rigify expect 1000 times better in terms of rig functions) even an entire quadruped rig? (For those I had to re-purpose Autumn’s rig) Or maybe even a pre-set that allows for really toony characters (like the ones in sprite fright) especially a facial rig setup for further ranges of lip movement, idk do what you like.

Hi @ChynaTownBrown !

About the preset of limbs, yes, that’s on my TODO list. It won’t be for this first release of the new version of BlenRig, but it will happen.
I may add a quadruped rig sooner, yes. And about the facial for Toony characters, BlenRig can do that already, specially this new beta version I have published, it has a much better facial rig than before…

So yes, don’t expect all those features too soon, but I’m planning on adding all that.