BlenRig 5 Public Release

Yes , but file must be les than 8 MB

@jpbouza Just got a chance to try the new Blenrig. It’s awesome. I really like the workflow of having guides tell you what to do, step-by-step.

Could we get a fresh invite to the Discord? The link expired. Thanks for the great addon!

Sure @3Dmaven !

The invite tells me it is invalid.


Haha, by default these links expire… I guess it’s a good security method to avoid internet bots crawling into your server!

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Many thanks to Juan Pablo for all your hard work!
I’m using Blenrig 5. I’ve spent so much time trying to rig my character in Blenrig 5 that I feel like I should just keep going as much as I’d like to use Blenrig 6 I wouldn’t be able to figure it out without a tutorial.
So my question is, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong as you can see, some parts (in black) aren’t lining up with my character’s model. Some things are lining up though as you can see the controls around the wrists, etc.
I think it’s the bone shapes that aren’t lining up.

Just FYI, Blenrig 6 has a sort of tutorial built in to the addon. It’s under the Guides tab, and it’s around 50 steps, taking you through each individual step to complete the model. It’s about as effective as Juan’s video tutorial series, although I’d recommend watching it too.

Thanks 3Dmaven, that’s something to consider.

Hi @Telegram !

I’m working really hard on trying to finish the first milestone I have for BlenRig 6 which is a set of 8 guides that will take you through the whole rigging process, so I guess that will help a lot.
Regarding the image you posted, you are displaying both the armature and the bone shapes colleciton there… The only thing you should care about is the armature, you can turn off the bone shapes collection.
Maybe watch some of the tutorials to get a better understanding of the rigging proces and maybe wait until I make a new release of BlenRig 6, it shouldn’t take too long now.


Thanks jpbouza! I really appreciate all the work you are doing. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I will wait until you have the guides finished for Blenrig 6. I have things I can fix on my character model in the meantime.
All the best!