Blenrig and hats

Does anyone know how to get a hat rigged using Blenrig? I can’t seem to get it working. The hat is using the armature modifier, but no matter what I do, nothing will control the hat. I’ve tried weight painting directly to the Hat_mstr and Hat_free controllers; I’ve tried creating a new bone for the hat (the bone will move the hat, but again the controllers won’t move the bone!). Thoughts??

I think you’re supposed to make a separate rig for the hat, then parent that to the hat controller with a bone parent.

Have you tried “Bone” parenting the hat to the head bone?

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

Pardon resurrecting this thread, but here’s a solution I just found. Blenrig does have an inbuilt hat rig. But it seems to have either a bug or limitation which…bugged me. So here’s my solution:

Basically to rig a hat you should parent it to (MECH layer) hat_head, and the default rig already has a setup property to make the hat sticky/free, with two controllers, hat_mstr and hat_free.

However when the hat it sticky (following the head), in my case at least, the hat_mstr control doesn’t actually do anything useful. For example I want it to follow the head, but be able to animate tilting/tipping the hat.

So my solution to that issue is

  1. change hat_mstr parent from hat_head to head_def_03
  2. add a second copy transform constraint to hat_head so it follows the transforms of hat_mstr when hat_free constraint is at 0 influence.

works for me! If you’re using toon controls this might change things somewhat, but I’ll leave that to others.