Blenrig - Arm won't straighten

Hey all,

working on finishing up a character in Blenrig… I’m using blenrig because I’m not super familiar with rigging. One thing that’s bugging me is that I can’t figure out how to adjust the arm extension… right now the arm won’t straighten when its extended. This is it at max extension.

obviously this is just a simple bone constraint somewhere that I’m missing, but I’m loosing time trying to figure out how to fix it. If anyone has any pointers on how to get this one taken care of, that would be awesome!

I have no idea what blenrig is, however, if you just started out, i suggest you look into “Riggify”. I dont know if its been ported to 2.8 yet.

Its very complicated, but you dont need to know how to set up a rig to use it, you only need to know how a rig works. (ik vs fk etc)

In the end, you get a very user friendly rig if you do it properly.

Cheers mate, thanks for the suggestion. I looked at both Rigify and Blenrig, but I ended up going with Blenrig because it’s what the Blender Foundation is using for their open movies… it’s worked really well for the most part, just have a couple minor tweaks I’m trying to figure out, like my original question about the arm extension!

Al okay, if they used it then its probably a bit more complex than i initially thought. From your quick description it sounded like just a very simple and easy auto rigger :slight_smile: But because of my unfamiliarity with rigging, and lack of experience with this rigging tool i wont be able to help you.

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