Blenrig - automatic weights for hands - face and feet.

Blenrig is working very well for my character, except the fingers, face and toes. In pablo’s tutorial he explains how to weight paint it yourself. In this case I choose for automatic weights instead for the fingers, face and toes. But cannot figure out how.
The problem is, I think, that I don’t know how and what bones I have to select for automatic weights. I get the error that not all bones could be calculated, and when I look in weight paint after that, I see that nothing has been painted automatically.

Any idea how I select the correct bones, or how I apply automatic weight for the fingers, face and toes for blenrig?



Took me three days to learn blenrig and to set blenrig up for my character, and found out finally that you have to do fingers and face manualy, which is probably the most difficult part.

It’s a nice product, works great, but way to complicated if you want to setup a rig within two hours.
I have now a character with an amazing rig, but then only the arms, legs, torso and neck.

Ah ok, Tried rigify > got same error > removed doubles > removed isolated mesh > fixed. But have than now a rig without eyes and manual

So, tried this with blenrig, works well with other complications again: armature is not moving with cage.
It feels like it’s waist of time, and better spend some more time with my kids.

So, have a good time there, and thanks for all enthousiasm past years.

Keep it up !